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Im to blame too deep into the play 2019年


11 月 10, 2023

1. Youre the alpha and omega of my heart. Before you there was nothing, after you there will be nothing. 2. I checked into your heart, but you didnt give me a room to stay. Its not that I didnt want to linger. 3. Nevermind, Ill find someone like you. Except someone who is not you. 4. You gave me the warmest welcome, nobody can give me a warmer vitamin sea. #beachlife1. You heated me up, now everyone else just leaves me feeling frosty. #winteriscoming 2. I tried to check-in to your sparkling heart, but your “vacancy” sign turned off. Better luck next time, right? 3. Lets face it, youre like a unicorn – magical and one-of-a-kind. But Ill find someone whos at least a horse with a horn glued to its forehead. 4. Youre the bright moon in my dark night sky, which also means I cant look at you too long without going blind. 5. I want to be your sun, because who doesnt love a good sunburn? 6. You are my sunshine, but I think I left my sunglasses at home. Can you tone it down a little? 7. Without you, life is like a broken pencil – pointless. 8. Im to blame for being too deep in the Netflix and chill game. Sorry, not sorry.1. I fell so deep into character, even the audience forgot I was real. 2. Youre like a knock-knock joke – predictable and a little annoying, but ultimately worth it for the punchline. 3. Love is like a sitcom, full of ups and downs, but as long as we end up laughing, its all good. 4. I poured my heart into this rom-com, but it looks like Im the only one who got played in the end. 5. I love you like a dad joke – corny and sometimes embarrassing, but guaranteed to make me smile. 6. As long as our love story ends with a blooper reel, Im happy to cry through the rest. 7. Sometimes you have to be your own superhero, because lets face it, the world could use a little less Batman and a little more you.1. I love you for being the person who never judges me, even when I show up to dinner with a face mask on. 2. Youre like a time bomb, ticking away the hours until I fall hopelessly in love with you. 3. Giving up my dreams for you is like giving up my last slice of pizza – painful but worth it. 4. Youre the only one who appreciates my weirdness, so congrats on winning the lottery of love. 5. Your love is like the weather – unpredictable, sometimes stormy, but always worth braving the elements for. 6. Waiting for you is like being on a never-ending roller coaster ride – exhilarating and terrifying all at once. 7. Every careless mistake I make only reminds me that were both human, and thats what makes our love so special.PAN>你应该知道你再也遇不到另一个我。有些人一旦失去就再也回不来了,就像没人会傻傻地一直站在原地等你。

17. Love is like a roller coaster – its scary, thrilling and sometimes makes you want to vomit.

爱情就像过山车 – 吓人、刺激、有时会让你想吐。

18. Some people go to the gym to strengthen their muscles, but Im here to strengthen my heart for when you eventually break it.


19. I used to think love was like a fairytale, but now I realize its more like a horror movie with a few romantic moments.


20. They say that true love lasts a lifetime, but in this day and age, relationships are more like a subscription service – you have to keep renewing or it expires.

他们说真爱会持续一生,但在现今这个时代,恋爱关系更像是一项订阅服务 – 你必须不断续费才能保持有效期。

like a box of chocolates – you never know what youre going to get, but you just hope its not the gross cherry-filled one.

有时生活就像一盒巧克力 – 你永远不知道会得到什么,但你只希望不是那个恶心的樱桃味。

20. Love is like a game of Jenga – you never know which move will make everything come crashing down.

爱情就像疯狂动物城里的动物塔 – 你永远不知道哪一块木块会让一切崩溃。

21. They say that communication is the key to a successful relationship, but lets be real – sometimes the only thing that keeps us together is our shared love for pizza.


22. Life is too short to waste time on bad relationships and bad haircuts. Cut them both off and move on.


er someone else…at the gym!


23. Life is like a game of Monopoly – sometimes you have to take risks to come out on top, but don’t forget to pass Go and collect $200.

人生就像一场大富翁游戏 – 有时你必须冒险才能获得胜利,但别忘了要经过起点领200元!

24. Success isnt just about hard work, its also about having a fridge stocked with snacks and a Netflix account.


25. They say laughter is the best medicine, but a slice of pizza comes pretty close.


SPAN>25. Life is like a cup of coffee – sometimes its bitter and you just have to add some sugar to make it sweeter.

人生就像一杯咖啡 – 有时它是苦的,但你只需要加点糖就能让它变甜。

26. They say time heals all wounds, but I think a good cry and a pint of ice cream does the trick too.


27. Never be afraid to let go of toxic people in your life – sometimes the trash just needs to be taken out!

永远不要害怕舍弃生活中的毒瘤人物 – 有时候垃圾就需要被扔掉!

p>28. Some issues are like a tangled ball of earphones – the more you try to fix it, the worse it gets.

有些问题就像打结的耳机线 – 你越想解开它,它就越复杂。

29. Love is like a game of seesaw – its all about balance, or youll find yourself stuck in the air or on the ground.

爱情就像跷跷板 – 它全看平衡,否则你会发现自己卡在空中或者坠落。

30. They say laughter is the best medicine, but have you tried a slice of pizza or a glass of wine?


from love to hate in just a few moments – just like how we can go from hot to cold coffee in a few sips.

有时候,同样的事情,我们只需要几秒钟就可以从爱变成恨 – 就像我们只需要几口就可以从热咖啡变成冷咖啡。

31. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what youre gonna get. But hey, at least its still chocolate!


32. Success is like a fart – it only matters when its your own. Dont go around trying to smell other peoples success!

成功就像放屁 – 只有当它是你自己的时候才重要。不要到处去闻别人的成功!


32. Life is like a game of Tetris – sometimes you get the perfect block, and sometimes you just end up with a gap no matter how hard you try.

人生就像俄罗斯方块 – 有时候你会得到完美的方块,而有时候你就算尽可能努力,也会留下一些缝隙。

33. Happiness is like a butterfly – the more you chase it, the harder it is to catch. So just sit still and let it land on you.

幸福就像蝴蝶 – 你越是追逐它,它就越难抓。所以就安坐不动,等着它降临吧。

y phone and picked up my book, because books never disappoint you with unanswered texts.


35. Life is like a card game – sometimes youre dealt a bad hand, but its up to you to bluff your way to a win!

人生就像一场扑克牌游戏 – 有时候你手牌很烂,但是取胜的关键在于你能否以假乱真!

36. Trying to resist temptation is like trying to stop a sneeze – you just cant hold it in forever.

试图抵制诱惑就像忍住打喷嚏 – 你终究无法永远克制自己。


37. They say love is blind, but I think its more like a daredevil – willing to take risks and do crazy things for the thrill.

人们说爱是盲目的,但我认为它更像一名孤注一掷的冒险家 – 愿意冒险做疯狂的事情,追寻那种刺激。

38. Growing up is just a fancy term for gradually realizing that youre not as cool and important as you thought you were.


39. Procrastination is like credit card debt – its easy and fun in the moment, but the interest will catch up to you eventually.

拖延就像信用卡债务 – 当下感觉轻松愉快,但最终你会被高额利息套住。

augh,some memories is just worth remembering,not worth holding onto.


40. They say money cant buy happiness, but it can buy a lot of chocolate, and thats pretty much the same thing.


41. The only thing better than a good friend is someone who brings snacks and shares them with you.


42. Life is too short to take everything so seriously. Sometimes you just have to laugh, even if its at yourself.






最后,记住一句话,不要随便皱眉头,因为你不知道谁会为你甜蜜地微笑。Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.